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Embrace Cost Efficiency with the Outright Purchase Model

Updated: Apr 15

In an era where most HRIS providers chain you to perpetual subscription payments, EDS stands apart by championing your financial freedom and long-term savings. EDS offers a friendlier approach to software ownership than the endless cycle of monthly subscriptions and yearly renewals that contribute to budget uncertainties and subscription fatigue.

Why Choose the EDS Outright Purchase Option?

Cost-Effective in the Long Run: While other suppliers entangle your finances in a web of never-ending payments, EDS prides itself on offering the most economical long-term solution. Our Outright Purchase option for a Perpetual License ensures that you’re not just leasing, but truly owning your HRIS solution. Say goodbye to subscription burnout and welcome a future of financial predictability.

One-Time Investment, Lifetime Ownership: Break free from the cycle of recurring payments with our Perpetual License. A single upfront investment grants you lifetime ownership of the software license, eliminating the worry of monthly or annual subscription fees. Though this option requires a larger initial outlay, it's structured to be financially manageable through staggered payments aligned with your implementation milestones. This approach fosters better cash flow management and signifies your investment in a solution that grows with your business.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: We understand the importance of making the right choice for your business. EDS is proud to offer an unparalleled 6-month full refund policy. This policy underscores our commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations, ensuring that your investment is risk-free and aligned with your satisfaction.


Annual Competitors Subscription Costs: (for 50 employees)

5-Year Cost Reckoning

Subscription vs Outright Purchase: (for 50 employees)

Disadvantages of Subscription-Based Pricing

Advantages of EDS Outright Purchase

  • Never-ending payments that will lead to Subscription burnout 

  • Possible price increases upon every renewal

  • Higher costs in the long run

  • No subscription burnout

  • No recurring payments

  • Lowest cost in the long-run

  • More secure solution from data leaks, since data resides on-premises

  • Full 6-month Refund Policy

Why Settle for Less?

In your search for the ideal HRIS solution, consider the financial implications of your choice. With EDS, you’re not just acquiring a software; you’re investing in a partnership that respects your financial well-being and supports your company’s growth without the looming dread of recurring fees.

Embrace the EDS advantage today and step into a future where your HRIS solution is a one-time investment with perpetual rewards. Explore the freedom and financial benefits that come with our Outright Purchase option and see why EDS is the smart choice for businesses looking to maximize value and minimize costs.

For more details on our customer-centric refund policy, please refer to the EDS Refund Policy document at ______________. Choose wisely. Choose EDS.


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