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End-of-Life Announcement (EOL) for EDS Attendance Management and Payroll System (AMPS)

EDS Human Resources Optimization System (HROS) to succeed AMPS

Dear Valued AMPS User,


As technology advances, it is essential to stay current to maintain efficiency, security, and functionality. Since its launch in 2008, our EDS Attendance Management and Payroll System (AMPS) has been a reliable tool for many of our clients. However, to keep pace with technological advancements, we must announce the End-of-Life (EOL) for AMPS, effective December 31, 2024.


What Does EOL Mean for You?


You can continue using AMPS after the EOL date, but there will be no further updates or enhancements. Customization requests will no longer be fulfilled, and support will be provided on a limited basis only.

Reasons for the EOL Decision:


  1. Obsolescence: AMPS was built on a single-threaded architecture using Microsoft Visual Basic 6, which is outdated. Modern multi-core CPUs and multi-threaded applications offer significantly better performance and efficiency.

  2. Inefficient Deployment: Updating AMPS requires manual reinstallation on each desktop, which is time-consuming and cumbersome. In contrast, web-based technologies like our new EDS Human Resource Optimization System (HROS) allow for seamless, server-side updates that minimize disruption and maintenance efforts.

  3. Enhanced Security: AMPS lacks the robust security features required in today's environment. HROS provides advanced security measures to protect your sensitive data and ensure compliance with modern standards.


Why Upgrade to EDS Human Resource Optimization System (HROS)?


Web-Based Convenience: HROS is a web-based solution, that ensures easy access from any device with internet connectivity. This flexibility supports remote work and improves overall accessibility.


Seamless Transition: Our team has developed a smooth migration path. Re-encoding of existing data will not be required.


Advanced Features: Enjoy enhanced functionalities, including advanced analytics, improved user interfaces, and automated system alerts, designed to meet the needs of modern enterprises.


Cost-Effective Transition: To facilitate your upgrade, we are offering a 50% discount on the regular price of HROS for current AMPS users.

Next Steps


To learn more about HROS and how it can benefit your organization, please contact our sales team here.


Thank you for your continued trust in EDS. We look forward to supporting your transition to a more advanced and efficient system.



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