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What is the purpose of the Job Tracking Module?

Also known as Project Labor Tracking, this module aims to accurately and efficiently track the man-hours spent on each client or project. Companies who serve multiple clients or have simultaneous projects require that labor costs need to be monitored for each project. This is critical in determining if labor budgets are on target, or have exceeded or are nearing set limits. This is part of the cost accounting function and aids in financial decision making.

Actual vs Budgeted Labor Costs per Project
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How does the Job Tracking Module accomplish this objective?
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Employees are required to declare their accomplishments on a daily basis. The accomplishments must indicate, the Project, Task Name, Duration Category, Remarks, and other details.

Using an easy to use a calendar-like interface to encode his individual accomplishments, each employee selects the Project via a drop-down menu and enters the hours rendered. Simple.

The System has built-in validation to ensure all declared accomplishments match his actual attendance. For example, for a certain day, he works for 7 hours, then his declared accomplishments must also be 7 - a match. Otherwise, will be flagged by the System as invalid - a mismatch.

Since the Job Tracking Module is seamlessly integrated into the EDS HRIS, the System can be configured to pay only those days wherein declared accomplishments are valid. This ensures compliance of all employees. 


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