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    How EDS drastically improved compliance of renewal of Registered Nurse (RN) licenses In order to maintain its position as the premier medical facility in the country, St. Luke's Medical Center (SLMC) has been known for exceptional hospital care and adherence to the highest international standards. Both campuses, Quezon City and Global City are both accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s most prestigious accrediting body  of healthcare organizations. The Challenge: One of the perennial challenges of SLMC is ensuring that its nurses comply with their license renewals. Standards dictate that all currently serving nurses must keep their RN licenses on current status (unexpired). Failure to comply could mean SLMC could lose its international accreditation thereby damaging its reputation as the country's premier hospital. Considering that SLMC employs thousands of nurses, monitoring and running after individual nurses in order to ensure compliance is a massive undertaking that is both tedious and error-prone. Extensive man-hours are also lost in this task that could have been used in other more productive activities. Solution by EDS Rising to meet this challenge, EDS devised a unique, effective and automated solution to ensure that nurses are compliant. Since 2006, SLMC has relied on the EDS FingerID System to capture the time logs of its over 5,000 employees. Building upon the existing messaging and blocking capabilities of the product, these biometric devices were customized to incorporate with the following automated messages: Friendly reminder: Final Warning: Blocking: The above blocking feature declines recognition of time logs from erring employees (nurses with expired licenses) making it useless to render work for that day. A nurse can only be unblocked manually by an authorized officer. Outcome: This enhancement has been implemented in 2014 and has resulted in drastically enhancing compliance of nurses. According to SLMC, compliance has risen to nearly 100% since its implementation. Furthermore, efficiencies were achieved due to the reduction of man power needed for license monitoring. For further information, please email


    Basic Concept FLEXITIME (also called “Sliding” work schedules) is when there is no fixed work schedule and employees render work at any time. The rendered work must meet the required number of hours per day (Ex: 8 hrs/day) else the employee will be deducted. This type usually assigned to management or supervisory level employees (not for Rank-and-File). Note: The required number of hours is a setting at the EDS HRIS that may be varied depending on the client's needs. Benefits: The FLEXITIME feature may improve morale of employees since they may report to work on their preferred work schedule. On the HR side, the FLEXITIME capability eliminates the need for re-assigning of work schedules on a daily basis. SCENARIO 1: NO TIME LIMITS FLEXITIME CALCULATION RULES: Excess work over required hours are disregarded. Shortfall under the required hours is tagged as Under Time (UT), however this can be configured to output a Tardy result. Please see Advanced Features below. COMPATIBILITY WITH LUNCH BREAK (Non-Paid) Unpaid Lunch Breaks, will be excluded in towards meeting the required hours. FLEXITIME "WINDOW": Although there is no fixed work schedule, management may assign LIMITS to the earliest allowed time an employee may Log-IN and the latest allowed time an employee may log-OUT of the system. This limit is called the "window" of the Flexitime Work Schedule. Ex: If the "Window" is set to 6AM to 10PM, work rendered outside this time-range will be disregarded. FLEXITIME ADVANCED FEATURES: Tardy Output: If preferred, the FLEXITIME feature can be configured to calculate a Tardy output if an employee reports to work beyond a pre-set cutoff time. Overtime Output: To be configured in the System. The Overtime hours must be first authorized and the System will overlap with the timelogs. For more information, please contact our Sales Engineers at our Sales Hotlines: (02)913.5787 or (02)913.8669


    Based on feedback from the Bureau of Working Conditions (under the DOLE) The handbook “Worker's Statutory Monetary Benefits“ released by the Bureau of Working Conditions under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) provides basic guidelines for calculating attendance. In this publication, simple scenarios were provided in determining statutory benefits and premiums for various “day types” (e.g. Legal Holiday, Special Holiday, Double Holidays, Rest Days, etc.) Although this publication provides clear guidelines, the handbook does not explicity specify guidelines for work schedules that cross over to a next day with a different “day type". For example when a work shift starts on a Legal Holiday, and then crosses over to a Special Holiday. Objective of this Blog: This Blog aims to provide specific guidelines for calculating attendance for the above scenarios. The guidelines provided here are based on documented feedback from the Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC). Numerous industries in the Philippines implement night-shift work schedules. While most employers have a clear understanding of Day Shift calculation, many have misconceptions about Night Shift computation. This Blog will hopefully demystify the correct attendance calculation for these night-shift employees. Night Shift Calculation Guidelines: For ease of understanding, graphical illustrations of various scenarios are shown below. The correct values are shown at the right side of the diagram. Scenario 1: Ordinary Day --> Holiday --> Rest Day Scenario 2: Ordinary Day --> Rest Day --> Ordinary Day Scenario 3: Ordinary Day w/ next day OT --> Rest Day Scenario 4: Ordinary Day --> Holiday Summary: The rules for the above Night-Shift scenarios can be summarized as follows: When transitioning from different "day types", the calculation is in "real-time". This means that as soon as the shift crosses over 12 midnight, the next "day type" will be used. Exception to this rule is the Rest Day. When transitioning from a Rest Day to any other "day type", Rest Days have a 24-hour effective period from the start of the shift. In other words, unlike other "day types", Rest Days are not in "real-time". For any clarifications, please send your email to Basis of this Blog: This blog is based on written communication and consultation with the BWC and EDS Innoventions. You may email your request for a copy of this communication to the email address given above. Disclaimer: Although the contents appearing is this Blog is based on documented communication between our team (EDS) and Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC) under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), this article should not be used as a substitute for proper consultation with the BWC.

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    TIME KEEPING, HR AND PAYROLL PRODUCTS MADE BY FILIPINOS, FOR FILIPINOS. OUR PRODUCTS SCHEDULE A DEMO WHY EDS IS THE LEADING COMPANY FOR HR TECHNOLOGY AN END TO END PROVIDER ​ Most companies can only provide software, and will require you to find your hardware elsewhere. With EDS, we will provide a seamless experience from installation of your hardware to optimizing your software. CUSTOMIZATION REQUESTS ​ We understand that all companies have different requirements, which is why we can customize our software based on your company demands. 20 YEARS OF INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE With our expert knowledge of the local landscape, we create HR systems that are adept with Philippine Labor Laws, and will fit companies from any industry. VIEW ALL PRODUCTS THE MOST COMPLETE HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEM BROKEN DOWN INTO 4 RINGS BASED ON WHAT'S MORE SUITED TO YOUR COMPANY. START WITH THE ESSENTIALS (INNER RING), BUT ADD MORE (OUTER RINGS) CUSTOMIZATION AS YOUR COMPANY AND NEEDS GROW. LEARN MORE CLIENTS AND TESTIMONIALS ATENEO DE MANILA GRADE SCHOOL One of the country's premier educational institutions, the Ateneo De Manila University (Loyola Hts. Campus) has been a client of its FingerID and Attendance Management System (AMS) since 2010. ST. LUKE'S MEDICAL CENTER Since 2006, St. Luke's Medical Center has relied on the EDS Finger ID System for attendance capturing of over 5000 employees daily. BUREAU OF JAIL MANAGEMENT AND PENOLOGY (BJMP) Aside from the workplace, the EDS ID system served as an excellent security measure to manage prison inmates when they come in an out of the premise for community management. Testimonials latest Play Video S.A. Goldon Play Video EDS Testimonials Watch Now S.A. Goldon Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share Channel Info Close

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    Partial Client List: Resorts World Manila Bosay Resort Antipolo Don Bosco Makati Assumption Antipolo Amsteel Structures FBM Gaming Divine Light Academy

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