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Updated: Feb 1

Revolutionizing HR Management: How EDS SYNC Streamlined Operations for AP CARGO

As a frontrunner in the logistics and cargo forwarding sector, AP CARGO distinguishes itself with a substantial workforce exceeding 2,000 employees and an extensive network of over 50 shipping centers spanning the nation. This expansive operational scale, however, introduces complex challenges, particularly in the realm of Human Resources management. A critical issue was the cumbersome and outdated process of recording and transmitting employee time logs from various locations to the Head Office—a task that demanded an innovative and technologically advanced solution.

Understanding the pressing need for a more efficient and secure method of managing employee data, EDS Innoventions stepped in with a transformative solution: EDS SYNC. This powerful module, seamlessly integrated into the robust EDS FingerID System, revolutionized the way AP CARGO approached its HR challenges.

EDS SYNC addressed the crucial need for real-time transmission of time logs, setting a new industry standard and providing AP CARGO with a competitive edge. This cutting-edge system offered numerous advantages:

  1. Real-time Responsiveness: The Head Office gained the capability to monitor and respond to staffing dynamics instantly, effectively managing unexpected employee absences and other unforeseen staffing challenges.

  2. Centralized Biometric Enrollment: With EDS SYNC, biometric enrollment was centralized at the Head Office, eliminating the possibility of identity fraud in the hiring process and ensuring a uniform and controlled enrollment procedure across all locations.

  3. Security and Integrity: The system minimized human intervention in handling employee time logs, significantly reducing the risk of malicious tampering and ensuring the integrity of data.

  4. Operational Efficiency: By automating the transmission of time logs, EDS SYNC eradicated the time-consuming task of manual downloading, thereby saving countless man-hours and streamlining operations.

EDS SYNC's operational brilliance lies in its ability to provide a seamless, cloud-based link between the Head Office and the remote shipping centers. This not only enables the real-time transfer of time logs but also ensures that fingerprint templates and essential employee information are consistently synchronized across all locations. The inclusion of web consoles further enhances the system's functionality, facilitating effortless employee transfers and robust monitoring capabilities.

Recognizing the diverse geographical spread of AP CARGO's operations, EDS SYNC was designed with a robust OFF-LINE mode. This feature ensures uninterrupted logging of employee hours, even in the absence of a stable internet connection— a crucial requirement for regions plagued by unreliable web access. In OFF-LINE mode, time logs are securely stored locally and are automatically synchronized with the Head Office server once connectivity is restored, all without the need for human intervention.

Since its implementation in 2017, EDS SYNC has not only met but exceeded the expectations set by AP CARGO. This system has proved to be an indispensable asset, fostering a more connected, secure, and efficient workplace. As a testament to EDS Innoventions' commitment to technological excellence and innovation, EDS SYNC stands as a pivotal solution in navigating the complex landscape of modern HR management, solidifying AP CARGO's position as an industry leader.


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