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Updated: Feb 1

How EDS drastically improved compliance of renewal of Registered Nurse (RN) licenses

In order to maintain its position as the premier medical facility in the country, St. Luke's Medical Center (SLMC) has been known for exceptional hospital care and adherence to the highest international standards. Both campuses, Quezon City and Global City are both accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s most prestigious accrediting body  of healthcare organizations.

The Challenge:

One of the perennial challenges of SLMC is ensuring that its nurses comply with their license renewals. Standards dictate that all currently serving nurses must keep their RN licenses on current status (unexpired). Failure to comply could mean SLMC could lose its international accreditation thereby damaging its reputation as the country's premier hospital.

Considering that SLMC employs thousands of nurses, monitoring and running after individual nurses in order to ensure compliance is a massive undertaking that is both tedious and error-prone. Extensive man-hours are also lost in this task that could have been used in other more productive activities.

Solution by EDS

Rising to meet this challenge, EDS devised a unique, effective and automated solution to ensure that nurses are compliant.

Since 2006, SLMC has relied on the EDS FingerID System to capture the time logs of its over 5,000 employees. Building upon the existing messaging and blocking capabilities of the product, these biometric devices were customized to incorporate with the following automated messages:

Friendly reminder:

Final Warning:


The above blocking feature declines recognition of time logs from erring employees (nurses with expired licenses) making it useless to render work for that day. A nurse can only be unblocked manually by an authorized officer.


This enhancement has been implemented in 2014 and has resulted in drastically enhancing compliance of nurses. According to SLMC, compliance has risen to nearly 100% since its implementation. Furthermore, efficiencies were achieved due to the reduction of man power needed for license monitoring.

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