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1 Channel USB Powered Relay Module is great for controlling your devices through USB without any USB protocol knowledge. This modules plugs in to your design seamlessly. Individual relays can be controlled by simple commands. The relays are powered from USB bus so it is important to connect this board directly to a PC or to a powered hub. Numato’s 1 Channel USB Powered Relay Module provides exceptional value for money.


  • 1 on board DPDT Relay.

  • 2A Maximum Switching Current.

  • 4 TTL (3.3V)Compatible GPIOs.

  • 4 Analog Input Channels (Multiplexed with GPIOs).

  • 10 bits Analog Input Resolution.

  • USB interface with CDC support. As easy as using a serial port, no USB knowledge required.

  • Relay contacts available on easy to access screw terminals.

  • Can be powered from USB or external power supply.

  • Can be controlled by using standard serial console applications or custom applications.

  • No vendor specific libraries or APIs required


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