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How to Assign Multiple Other Income to Employees in HROS

Step 1 : In the main page, Click Other Income

Step 2 : Click Import/Export, a dropdown will appear.

Step 3 : Select Export Other Income Template

Step 4 : Select employees you wanted to assign an other income. Then click Next

Step 5: Select the type of other income you wanted to assign and click Next

Step 6: Check if all the data you selected in the previous steps are in place, then click Export Template.

Step 7 : Click OK. Locate the exported file in your Downloads folder.

Step 8 : Open the file and encode the amount of other income

Step 9 : Once you encode everything. Save your work then go back to HROS

Step 10 : Now lets import your file. Click Import Template

Step 11 : Click browse and locate your  .csv file or the file you just edited.

Step 12 : Select the cut-off you wanted to apply the Other Income. Then click Save Template

Click OK