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How to Assign Work Schedule in HROS

Step 1 : In the main page, click Work Schedule.

Step 2 : Click Assigning

Step 3 : Click Go to Batch Assignment

Step 4 : Follow the order

1. Select a work schedule in the drop down list

2. Set the effective date of the schedule. This will be the start of schedule

3. Select those employees you wanted to assign a work schedule. You can select the whole department.

4. Click Save

Step 5 : This is the other way of assigning work schedule. Click Go to Bulk Assignment

Step 6 : Follow the order

1. set the duration of the the work schedule

2. select employees

3. click Populate Dates

Step 7 : Select work schedule in the drop down list

Step 8 : Once you assigned the desired work schedule. Click Save Assignment.

Step 9 : To check, click the Assignment link to go back. Then click the employee name, the schedule will display on the calendar