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Basic Trouble Shooting Guide for EDSAMPS

1. Connection error when opening EDSAMPS

   solution : Test connection of PC to Server if working properly via ping test or on AMPS.udl Test Connection button located                              at C:\Windows\SysWOW64


2. Missing employees on 201 file

   solution : Check if employee is assigned to new department or company or update your USER settings to include that                                   employee


3. No deduction of Government mandatory

    solution : Check if deduction settings of mandatory is checked on Payroll related and contributions including schedule of                              deductions

4. Unable/ missing new employee during processing

    solution : Check effective dates of work schedule and salary. Work schedule should be 1 day before the 1st day of 1st cutoff.

5. Log out of graveyard shift employee becomes IN

    solution : Check if employee is set as auto crossover on 201 files

6. No premium pay for employees who worked on holiday or on Restday

    solution: Holiday and Rest day work requires filing on Enter/Edit Temporary work hours.

7. Wrong Grace period deduction on DTR

    solution : Check if Tardiness allowance is properly set on Work schedule advance settings.


8. Wrong calculation of premium rates

    solution: See Attendance Item Rates on Database Maintenance if multiplier is set properly

9. Unexpected Undertime/Tardy deduction in DTR

    solution : See if assigned work schedule is correct base on employee's time data.


10. No display for Early overtime on excess hours tab.

      solution: EDSAMPS do not display early overtime on excess hours tab, you have to file it manually.

11.  Unable to file leave

      solution: See if work schedule is properly set. System will not allow filing of leave on Rest days and Holidays.

12. No holiday display on DTR

      solution: Check if Holiday is encoded on Enter Non-Working Days

13. No display of picture on 201 files

      solution : Check if Employee's picture path is set properly

14. Unlicensed message prompt when processing

      solution: Right click EDSAMPS.exe then click Run as Administrator.

15. No cut-off selection on generate reports

      solution: Create cutoff on System Settings and Data Maintenance

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