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Biometrics uniquely designed for automatic, real-time consolidation of time logs and other data from multiple work sites. Now at an affordable price.

What problems do the EDS Cloud Bio solve?

3.5” (H) X 1.6” (W) X 4.0” (L)
Cloud Biometrics for Multi-Locations
  1. Solves the problem of real-time monitoring of employees attendance for businesses operating in multiple locations (such as restaurants, construction sites, clinics, game venues, etc.) The traditional approach is to download the biometrics file from each site to be sent to the Head Office. This is inefficient and exposes risks to tampering. Furthermore, because attendance information is delayed, managers are unable to make quick, timely decisions in case of missing employees in remote locations. 

  2. Secondly, the problem of employee re-enrollment at different sites has been eliminated. Employees are enrolled only at a central location (such as your Head Office or any assigned location). Then, fingerprint templates are automatically transferred to their assigned sites. 

Features and Capabilities:

  • Included Attendance Viewer Web App provides individual employees with real-time time logs. Eliminates confusion and inquiries sent to the HR department.  

  • Included Web Console allows transferring employees between locations. Allows or restricts the movement of employees to other branches/stores.

  • Allows integration with other HR systems. Included EDS Sync allows automated, real-time downloading and consolidation into the client's server. 

  • Eliminate extraneous time logs with our Double-Scan Detection Feature

  • Allows Auto-Crossover: Automatic time log tagging for night shift employees


Mobile Devices (Data access via Web App)

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Site 1

Site 2

Site 3


. . .

Site N

Head Office (Auto Data importing into HRIS/Payroll database)

Other Biometric Scanning Options:


Face Recognition

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High Volume Fingerprint Matching


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