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How to Assign Multiple Loans to Employees in HROS

Step 1 : In the main page, Click Loans and Other Deduction

Step 2 : Click Import/Export, a dropdown will appear. Click Export Loans & Other Deduction Template

Step 3 : Select employees to export and click Next

Step 4 : Select the loans you want to export and click Next

Step 5: Review if all were correct then click Export Template

Click OK, the exported file is located at your Downloads folder

Step 6 : Open the file then encode the amount of deductions

Like this and then save your file

Step 7 : Go back to HROS and click Import Template

Step 8 : Follow the sequence

1. Browse for the exported file that you edited, it will look like the picture below.

2. Configure the cutoff that you want it to be assign

3. Click Save Template

Simply click OK

Step 9 : Click Back to Loans & Other Deductions

Click the employee and it will display the imported loans on the right

To view the details, edit or delete the loans, simply click the blue button on the right side of the Loans