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GPS App User's Guide

EDS GPS APP Requirements

• For Android Users:

   –Android 7 Nougat or later

• For iOS Users:

   –iPhone 7 or later

• Internet Access must be present during transactions

  (Note: Requirements may suddenly change. Kindly verify with our sales team.)

How to Install EDS GPS APP

• For Android users, go to Play Store.

• For iOS user, go to App Store.

• Search ‘EDS GPS Attendance Capture’.

• Click Install/Download.

• Once installed, click Open.

Sample Downloaded EDS GPS

Type the Server URL.



Note: Get the URL from your HR or IT personnel.

After you type the URL, tap Enter.

Alert: Invalid URL


If encountered, check the URL you encoded if correct.

Enter your PIN and Password.


To check if you entered the correct password, press the  icon to show the password.

If unsure or cannot remember, go to your Employee Web Portal and use the Forgot Password menu.

Press ‘Allow’ to access the device’s location.


If denied, the application’s map will not be able to load.

Press ‘Allow’ to access the device’s camera.


If denied, the application’s selfie/ taking of photo will not function.

To log-in/log-out, Tap this Camera Icon

Tap this to change the transaction type (IN , OUT or NEXT DAY OUT)

Then Tap Capture to proceed

It will ask you to take a Selfie

Type the Reason.


This text box must be encoded else your transaction will not push through.

If successful you will see your transaction listed on the

My Timedata Today page

You can check your Timedata History by clicking this icon

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