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How to Enroll in the FingerID System

Step 1:  From the Recognition form, press 


, an 'Admin Verification' message will flash on the screen.


Once you see this message you can then scan your enrolled finger to access the enrollment form.

Note: Only Top Level Administrator and Site Level Administrator can access enrollment form.

Step 2: Follow the sequence below


2. Take or upload your picture

3. Fill this up only if you're enrolling another Administrator otherwise leave it blank for ordinary users.

4. Select which finger to enroll. Press ESC on the keyboard if you ever want to change the selected finger before going to            Step 5.

5. Using the built-in finger scanner, scan your selected finger until the four boxes are filled out. A message will prompt if it's          successful otherwise repeat Step 4.

6. Choose whether to enroll a new employee or go back to recognition form.

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