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Please note that Zee and Fromm control this image’s costs by gambling only when the conditions are right. They give several examples of apparently “crazy gambles” that are only slightly negative EV, such as putting in four or five bets on the flop with good draws and position. Opponents think they are gambling crazily, but they are giving up only a little short-term EV that they expect to get back later

General Principles

Although winners create a wide variety of images, they generally apply three principles, and a few apply a fourth one:

1. They create the image that gives them the biggest edge, not the one that makes them most comfortable. They deliberately sacrifice comfort, respect, and affection for money.

2. That image is false, but credible. An incredible image is worthless, but a true image allows people to read you and counter your strategies. Winners balance revealing too much about themselves and acting so out of character that nobody buys their act.

3. That image is based upon a realistic assessment of themselves and their strategy, opponents, and situation. They balance the conflicting demands between the ideal image and their own limitations. The most profitable image may not be credible, while the most credible one may not be profitable. The image that helps in certain situations may be counterproductive in others.

4. A few very gifted players (like Zee and Fromm) take a huge additional step: They vary their image from game to game or even from hour to hour or player to player. Very few people can do it credibly, and they are very, very dangerous.


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